Sleepy Sac Bundle

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Sleepy Sac Bundle
Sleepy Sac Bundle

Baby Sleeping Bags - The Sleepy Sac's

This set consists of both our (All Season) SleepySac and our Summer SleepySac.
The All Season Sleepy Sacs came about when our daughter Liv would check on her baby Charlie at night and would often find his arms were cold, so we decided sleeves that were also detachable were a big must.
We also wanted one sac for all seasons, so zipped within is an additional Sherpa lining that when removed, takes our sac from the recommended winter 3 ½ tog to 1 ½ tog for warmer weather.

Our Summer SleepySac, again with detachable arms, is just 0.5 tog, and is ideal for really hot nights, or when travelling in hotter climates.

0-9 months   (65cm, nape to bottom)

9-24 months (85cm, nape to bottom) 

24-36 months (105cm, nape to bottom)

(Sizes are guides only, because no 2 babies are the same in weight and length).

Baby sleep suits are machine washable at 40 degrees. For best results after washing, simply shake sac and place on a hanger to dry, and please don't tumble dry.

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